Latest Custom Robots.txt file settings in Blogger for SEO

Custom Robots.txt for blogger
Today I will show you How to Enable Custom Robot.txt File in Blogger for better SEO and search engine results?

Blogger now lets you edit your blog's robots.txt file. What are Robots.txt files, robots files are plain text files which instruct the search engines what to not index. Robot.txt is a way to tell search engines whether they are allow to index a page in the search result or not. The bots are automatic, and before they could access your site, they check the Robot.txt file to make sure whether they are allowed to crawl this page or not.

How to Enable Custom Robots.txt in Blogger

1. Blogger Dashboard >> Select Blog >> Select Settings tab >> Search Preferences


2. Click on Edit in front of Custom robots.txt
3. Click on Yes and proceed to next step.
3. Next a box comes up and paste following given code.

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google

User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /
4. and finally click on Save Changes button to save code.

I hope this tip would help you. If you are having any issue regarding crawling then, feel free to leave your questions in the comments below and I would try to help you in solving them.

How to Open multiple links by a single click

Hello fellow Bloggers. A reader just asked about opening more than 1 link by clicking a link. I am presenting down the html code for that. You can open as many links by clicking single anchor text link. All the links will open in new tabs.

To open link in new tab

A regular link can be opened in new tab. Just place target='_blank' after the URL.
Like this
<a href="URL link" target="_blank">Text to Display</a>

To open multiple links in new tabs

To open more than one links just add the following code

Your link html will look like this
<a href="1st Link" onclick=";2nd_Link&quot;);">Link Text</a> 

Just take this example Blogger SEO by UK . This link will open our homepage in current tab and 2nd link in new tab. But the text shown is one for both link tabs. Down is the html code.
<a href="" onclick=";;);">Blogger SEO by UK</a> 

You can add as many links as you like with this code.
Hope its clear for all the readers. Have a good day!

How To Make Extra Money With Infolinks

How To Make Money With Infolinks
Make money with infolinks. Infolink is a online advertising company. Infolinks is one the best advertising platform after Google ad-sense for make money online. If you have a blog or website infolinks is the best for make money using text advertising ads, you no need to have any additional space for use it.

You can earn money very easily if you have good number of visitors then you just signup infolinks and start money earning. You can log-in this site as a publisher and advertiser. Basically blog and website owner use publisher account. Advertiser account use different type of organization for advertising online to selling their product and services via infolinks.

How To Earn Money With Infolinks

Infolinks provides you link ads within text content as well as pop up ads and link units. If you have some text over your website/blog then It will easily accept your site into their network and you’ll start making money online today. The earning is all depends on your traffic and visitors, the more visitors you have the more you’ll earn. Moreover, you can add as many sites as you want to Infolinks account.

Infolinks Criteria: 

Your site must have text content
Your site must comply with Infolinks policies
Your site must have original content

How to add my site with Infolinks

At 1st you join infolinks as a publisher then click your account like under the screen shot, and add your site. Infolinks take some time to approval your site for advertising.

After approval your site then you just integrate your blog or website for advertising text ads in your blog or website post. You can integrate very simply just click integrate then select your site type and copy the integration code and paste this code in your blog or website template just before </body> tag option. Now see the screen shot how to integrate your site with infolinks.

How to Integrate your site with Infolinks

When integration complete then you also use customize  option. Infolinks permits you to modify the actions of the Infolinks script on your Blog or web pages. By using the Advanced Integration Wizard, you can simply modify the configurations of your account to completely maximize your revenues with Infolinks ads. Now See under the screen shot how look
text ads.

Use Infolinks Affiliate Program for money making

Do you know infolinks affiliate program? In my view many blog or website owner don't know the infolinks affiliate program, because infolinks was not showing any information in Infolinks website about there affiliate program. Now if you like to use affiliate program then you must have an active publisher account. If you have active publisher account then you can see a tab in your infolinks account.You can earn money by infolinks publisher referral program.

The new publisher referral program is plain and simple: Refer new publishers to Infolinks and earn 10% of their revenue for 12 months.

As part of the new program, each Infolinks publisher has his own personal referral tab where you can get your own unique referral URL, see real-time sites sign up reporting as well as download a large amount of engaging banners to place on your site.

Join Infolinks here !

SEO Meta Tags for Every Post in Blogger

SEO Meta Tags for Blogger Post
SEO Meta Tags are most important and useful for our blog's SEO. Meta tags are added to tell search engines what that page is all about. Most important meta tags are the Title and Description of a page. Only these two tags are included in search engines results with site link obviously. As blogs and sites have more than one pages i.e., a blogger blog normally have following pages. Blog home page , post pages, static pages, Labels and archives.

So we cannot use same meta tags for all our pages. Because every page have different content with unique Title and Description. So it is our duty to add different meta tags that perfectly defines our pages to the Search Engines if we want to rank high in the search results.

If we use same meta tags to all of our blog posts, our blog search engine rankings and traffic will be decreased. But, if we add different unique meta tags to different Blog posts, it will make the search engines to know more about our individual blog posts and make them crawl and index our pages better and it also improves our Search engine rankings for sure :)

Well this is the importance of unique meta tags for unique pages. Now lets learn about adding them in your site.

Add Meta Tags for Every Post in Blogger

There are many ways to do this. I'll write each step but the first one is my favourite and I recommend you to apply this method.

Step 1.  Change your blogger settings

Login to Blogger Dashboard >> Select Blog >> Select Settings tab >> Search Preferences

Now Enable search description to Yes.

Write your blog description in the box, it should be limited to 150 characters. Click on Save Changes Button.

Now whenever you create a new post, there will be option for Search Description on the right side. You can write a brief description of every post you are writing. 
(This option will be visible after changing search description setting to “Yes” as described above).

Now we just have to add following code in HTML to add these in our blog.

Go to Blogger Dashboard >> Click Template tab >> Click Edit HTML

Find the following code [Tip: Ctrl+F]
After/under this line paste the following code.
           <!-- Meta Tags ~  -->
 <b:if cond='data:blog.metaDescription != &quot;&quot;'>
<meta expr:content='data:blog.metaDescription' name='description'/>
 <title><data:blog.pageName/> - <data:blog.pageTitle/></title>
               <!-- /Meta Tags ~  -->
Now Save Template. Your blog posts will now have Title and Description that you wrote while creating your post.

Step 2. Add blogger pages HTML codes

This step is a little tricky. Why? Because you have to add the HTML codes of blogger pages one by one. Just see the code below that can be used to add meta tag for your blog home page URL.

Go to Blogger Dashboard >> Click Template tab >> Click Edit HTML
Find the following code [Tip: Ctrl+F]
After/under this line paste the following code.
<b:if cond='data:blog.url == data:blog.homepageUrl'>
 <meta content='Your Blog Description' name='description'/>
<title>Your Blog Title</title> </b:if>
Your blog homepage will now have Title and Description that you wrote in this code in place of RED color. Now Save Template. 
You can add other page codes as well see full codes here HTML codes for all blogger pages

Step 3. Add meta tags with URLs

You can add meta tags with specific URLs as well. Just write your desires URL and give that URL specific Title and Description. 

Go to Blogger Dashboard >> Click Template tab >> Click Edit HTML
Find the following code [Tip: Ctrl+F]
After/under this line paste the following code.
<b:if cond='data:blog.url == &quot;Write URL of page&quot;'>
 <meta content='Your page Description' name='description'/>
<title>Your page Title</title> </b:if>
Your blog page will now have Title and Description that you wrote in this code in place of RED color. Now Save Template.

Remember some points

1. Apply only one method. Because writing multiple tags will be of no use. 
2. Google and all other Search Engine Bots only take those meta tags in their system which come on top the site i.e., if you have multiple title tags then only one title will be taken by bots which in on the most top.
3. You can see your HTML code by pressing [CTRL + U] , just open your blog link and press CTRL + U this will open your blogs page source. and your html site will open.

Need any assistance, don't hesitate to comment down. Have a good day!

How to do Minijobs in NeoBux

how to start mini jobs in NeoBux
Basically, Mini Jobs are small and simple tasks for which you get instantly credited into your main balance. To access this feature, sign up to neobux just click on the "Offers" button on the top, then select Mini Jobs.

Earn Money with NeoBux Minijobs complete Guide

Some tasks will appear for you to choose. The number of jobs displayed may vary from time to time, as well as the types. You can also see the number of available tasks and their pay rates. Some example minijobs in NeoBux.

minijobs in neobux

If you are a new member of neobux without any referrals (complete guide), the earning from Mini Jobs can be more and easier than clicking ads.

The objective of the available Mini Jobs is to solve problems ranging from data collection and product categorization to business lead verification, content generation / modification and academic research.

If it’s your first time you will be presented with the training mode. You must complete this phase in order to gain payment. Review carefully on the instructions too, each task will have their own procedure to follow. After you have understand what to do, begin to complete the selected task as instructed. Detailed instructions about what exactly your work will be are available on screen, what you need is to follow these details to accomplished the Mini Jobs under a certain time. If you want to end current task or change task, click on the Give Up button on the top.

Do not give random answers. A number of false answers higher than a Mini Job’s accuracy threshold may prevent you from completing a Mini Job.

Bonus:Mini Jobs will grant you a commission from your direct referrals earnings and will provide you with a productivity bonus for your own work.

For each $1 you earn from doing Mini Jobs you'll get a 12% bonus as a standard member and a 24% bonus as a golden member.
You’ll earn 12% from each of your direct referrals earned by completing Mini Jobs.

Some questions you may ask:

There's no Mini Jobs to do?
The availability of Mini Jobs depends on multiple factors like the current needs of the offers’ providers and demographical criteria, but this doesn't mean new Mini Jobs won't appear in the near future. You only need to visit the Mini Jobs section frequently to catch one of the new assignments as they come and go.

My answers have been marked as wrong, but they were clearly correct.
If you feel that their system has treated you unfairly, then be sure to contest the question on the feedback page.
You may also send them a clear and concise explanation of the problem using the "File a ticket" link by clicking the "listing" button at the top-right inside any Mini Job’s interface and selecting "help".

What happens if I get flagged or banned?
CrowdFlower’s system can flag or ban you from a single Mini Job or from all the Mini Jobs if you repeatedly submit a number of wrong answers higher than a Mini Job’s accuracy threshold.
If you consider their decision as unfair, you’ll need to contact CrowdFlower’s support directly.

For more information, you can visit: FAQ  > Offers > Mini Jobs

Take a look at my NeoBux minijobs Earnings.
my neobux minijobs Earning

How to get more Minijobs in NeoBux

Some people are earning around 2-3 dollars even if they haven't got any active referrals.
And one of the key is the MINIJOBS.
But when you're in some regions and countries minijob offers are less appearing
than other members from United states and U.K.

Like members from the Pakistan, Philippines, well If you are looking for solutions, there is one.
I know, many members doing this most of the time to earn faster than clicking those
worthless ads worth 0.001 dollars.

This trick is legal, and Neobux wont ban you doing this.
Here is what I'm talking to.

Just download the link where your device is capable of running.
This application will change your Internet Protocol Address to other I.P. around the globe.
DENMARK also belongs here.

It is a VPN or virtual private network that use to hide your IP and change it to a different
Internet Protocol.
You can also use any other software.

There is an on and off feature so you can change it on what suits your time. So when you
use this you can notice that there are a lot of offers in the minijob section. where you can
earn lots of cents in a single task alone.


You can only use this trick to do Minijobs but not for Clicking advertisements.
If you do so Neobux might ban you. Just turn the application off so that you wont risk your account.

Buy or Sell Ad spaces in new Low Traffic Blogger/Blogspot

Buy or Sell Ad spaces in Low Traffic blogs
I see many bloggers and website owners that they sell ad spaces on there blog/website like renting a house and they earn a decent amount from that.I also like this method because in this method you don't need any kind of clicks or worry that how to increase CTR.

By selling ad spaces directly to your clients you will earn decent money of your choice because you are the admin of your site and blog. By selling ad spaces you also need a decent traffic to fulfill the requirement of advertiser but if your site contains a low traffic and cannot fulfill the advertisers need then the main problem is how to make money in a low traffic blog by selling ad spaces.

Best Alternatives for Low traffic sites

As we know that Buysellads is one of the famous site and best sites for publishers to put there ad spaces for renting.But we all know that buysellads have such requirement that they need minimum 50K Monthly Impressions.But your site contains only 500 to 1000 Daily visits and monthly impressions are 10k to 20k then you don't need to worry more there are some sites that will provide advertisers our site ad space and advertiser will directly contact you.I Recommended Buysellads for those sites whose monthly impressions are over 50,000 to 70,000. So here is a list of sites that can be called as Best Alternatives.

How to sell ad spaces in Low traffic blogs?

If you have a low traffic blog and still want to sell your Adspaces then you can use the below given websites.

1. is serving publishers from year 2002.Blogads represents thousands of premiere blogs like PerezHilton, DailyKos, Wonkette and Cute Overload.It allows you to choose your own prices,Accept or reject Ads,Phone and email publisher support,Advertsers can purhcase Adspaces directly,70%+ of revenue goes to the publishers.

2. makes your task lot more easier.Simply set your listing,price and paste a line of code to your blog and just wait for your adspace to sell.It’s completely free and quite easy as well.Advertisers will contact your directly.Adsella gives you 80% of your revenue which is quite nice for low traffic blogs.

3.  According to me is the best alternative of for low traffic blogs.It provides you the easiest way to sell Advertising spaces on your blog.It pays through Paypal and shares 75% of the total revenue.As an administrator of your blog,you always keep control over your Adspace.

4. is another best alternative of BuysellAds for low traffic blogs.It allows you to set your own price for a variety of adspaces.All un-sold inventory can be syndicated to their impact network to instantly generate revenue for you until your individually priced Adzones are sold.They provide javascript codes for the Ads which ensures that the loading speed of your blog remains same.

5. is another BuySellAds alternative.This site was launched in the year 2012 and is very popular now.Major advantage of using this site is,it accepts a blog which has only 5000 visits per month which means low traffic blogs.Just give it a try.

In this post I tell you that how to sell Ad spaces in Low Traffic Blogs. Hope that you will like my tutorial.
Tell me your opinions and feedback in comments below. Have a good day!